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Cyber Secrets

Getting What You Want From The Internet

Now available in e-book form for $4.95. Includes access to the Cyber Secrets website.

This book is for those who are plagued with a devilishly curious nature. Learning all those sneaky Internet tricks has never been easier! The disk makes it fun and even the most experienced net surfer will learn something new. How would you like to :

learn ways to hide e-mail messages so well that no one, except the intended recipient, even knows that a message has been sent?
learn various ways to get information anonymously?
learn some of the techniques that serious hackers use?
learn how to avoid those punitive service charges that banks inflict on customers?
learn where to get the same expensive software that Microsoft produces, only for free?
learn Internet revenge methods?
learn how to preserve freedom in a world that wants to impose rules?
If you have a question about the Internet underground, but donít know who to ask, the answer is probably in these pages.

Check Out The Table Of Contents

Download A Free Chapter and special Jump Disk which will take you to relevant Internet Sites, as well as demonstrate some rather neat things, such as creating your own anonymous e-mailer.

Order Cyber Secrets Now! Full instructions on how to get the Special Jump Disk are included in the book. Only $4.95 when ordered off this website. This includes access to the Cyber Secrets website. (Regular $29.95 in book stores.)

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Order BOTH Cyber Secrets and Cyber Warrior for $8.00 at a considerable savings over bookstore price. Including updated pages and those that were censored in the original.


"Best $4.95 I spent. I learned so much!" - Jim Leask -

"I really did like Cyber Secrets and I am not ashamed to tell people that." - Brian Glow -

"I would be happy to recommend your Cyber Warrior book to others, as I have done re: Cyber Secrets." - Ed Schooing -

"Thank you for making me think so much, learning many things, enjoying a lot , and admiring your knowledge!" - George -

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Cyber Secrets
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